Chiara Tino was born in Australia and has lived in New York for almost four years.  She is a professional Success Mentor & Alignment Coach specialising in Energy Healing, Meditation & Leadership Development. 


Her expertise spans over 25 years of assisting others in connecting with their ‘Unique Ability’ and their Purpose. Chiara is also a Graduate with Landmark Education having completed many of their programs including the ‘Introduction Leaders Program’, as well as participating in Tony Robbins Seminars over the years.  She believes personal development is essential to living a successful life and is a product of these teachings.


She has come to a place where she knows her Calling is people being ‘Aligned, Inspired and Vibrant’ and her Purpose is to assist others in accessing their own Alignment. Now as a Proctor Gallagher Consultant and a Certified Stress Management Coach she inspires Team Productivity, turns your Corporate challenges into achievements and your Company goals into REALITY.   


As a published Author, Chiara has written 2 books, her first - Awakening The Awareness Within which was published in 2006, and just recently her latest entitled The 21Day Guide To High Vibrational Living. 


Whether as a Speaker, Coach or through her writings, she is highly skilled when it comes to teaching others how to live in alignment with joy and success.  Employees will not only access and connect with the best of themselves, but also create the ability to support one another which in turn boosts morale, and improves overall performance in the workplace.   

Chief Joy Officer


Customer Experience Officer 

     "Now and then it's good to pause in our pursuit of happiness and just be happy." 


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