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client stories

Bianca Donnelly

Compliance Manager 

Clean and Gone Pty Ltd

"I completed the Big Leap Program with Chiara over an eight week period.  Before I began I was feeling stale at work and frustrated in my relationship.  The Program helped me rediscover and align with my passion at work, and had me better understand myself and my partner. 

I gained more from this eight weeks than I had in any other previous Personal/Professional Development Program.  I highly recommend Chiara and her facilitating the Big Leap sessions."

Nicole Mitchell

Financial Analyst

"I reached out to Chiara when I was in the middle of a heavy funk and just couldn’t pull myself out of it.  As a fulltime working single Mom, I am pulled in so many directions every single day. I kept trying to take time for myself but nothing was helping me.  I was running on empty and was teetering on burnout. I reached out to Chiara and she made time to see me on short notice to do an Alignment Session. Within the first 5 minutes I felt a huge lump in my throat FINALLY disappear.  I hadn't even noticed it was there with everything else going on. By the end of my session I was so calm and grounded and felt myself finally smiling again. It not only made a difference to me as a Mom but also at work. My state of being has transformed and everyone feels it.

I highly recommend Chiara as she is not only an incredible individual but also provides powerful Alignment sessions."


Communications Manager


"I had an Alignment session with Chiara because I was feeling ‘stuck’ with getting a business off the ground. I felt I was doing all the right things but the results weren’t showing up.  My session with Chiara had me align my purpose with my intention, so I started to feel and experience my future success. The goal was to be empowered and aligned and that’s what I got!  In the weeks that followed my business started to flourish and I felt so much more grounded, clear and life was flowing freely."

‘My joy is watching people being joyful’. 


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