why joy?
Joy is a key ingredient to achieving success in life.  In business it creates a Team Culture like no other where conversations flow and productivity is inevitable. Joy evokes Joy wherever it goes. 

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JOY is imperative

It is strategically imperative to create a feel-good workplace and culture by boosting Joy.  As The well known Author of Joy, Inc. has written. 


Serving your peers, your supervisors and all those around you is a new humbling way of working but most effective. 


When we level the playing field at work we remove fear and build connection.

How Joy Affects Your Health
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What determines happiness and Joy?

50% - Genetics

Studies of twins suggest that about half of our propensity for happiness is inherited. 

40% - Behavior 

Much of our ability to be happy is governed by our own choices, such as exercising and socializing. 

10% - Circumstances

External factors such as income and beauty, have a smallest influence. 

Link Between Happiness & Health

Heart health 2005 study found that the happiest people had an average heart rate of about six fewer beats per minute.  


In 2010 a study showed that over 10 years, for every one-point increase in positive thinking and emotions (on a five point scale) a person's risk of coronary heart disease drops 22%. 


Immunity - In one study researchers assessed volunteers on their tendency toward positive or negative emotions and later exposed each person to rhinovirus; the happier subjects were less likely to develop a cold. 

"By accessing Joy inside yourself, you'll find it all around you and in others too."